sensual - elegant - seductive

Every woman is a Goddess! Let’s experience together what a miracle it is to be a WOMAN.

Sensual boudoir pictures are a gift for yourself or a little surprise for someone you love. In a boudoir shoot I show your feminine beauty in aesthetically beautiful pictures. Not only your body, but also your soul is in the foreground here. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate your own femininity: natural and romantic or seductive and glamorous – just the way you see and feel yourself … A Boudoir shoot will be a unique experience for you and a very special kind of self-love.

Boudoir is a Magic that we create together. You’re worth it!..

from my dear clients

From the moment I met Mila to discuss my Boudoir shoot, she made me feel instantly comfortable and I knew I could trust her to lead me through something I had always wanted to do not just for my husband, but for myself. She did such an incredible job from Day 1 to help me prepare both logistically and mentally, including giving me tips and tools I continue to carry with me even after our session to feel more beautiful and feminine. The shoot was so much fun, and I instantly felt more comfortable in my skin than I ever have before. Mila gave me so much encouragement and praise throughout the shoot, but more than anything, she actually gave me permission I needed to be me: a powerful, strong but soft, feminen woman - something I never had the courage to give myself permission to do until now. 

Mila, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, your intention, your love, and your care. The gift you gave me was so much more than just a boudoir shoot and a booklet. You gave me permission to be myself, to be comfortable in my body, and to see how beautiful I actually am.

- Kelsey

Mila, these photos are breathtaking ❤️💕🌸 I can't believe how beautiful you made me look.

So many beautiful shots you got and so many I truly love. They really are so amazing and you've really made me feel beautiful, feminine, sexy, and strong.
I can't thank you enough for these and this experience 🌼💕

Thank you for being my photographer, a trusting partner during the shoot, and having me in your beautiful city. You are truly amazing Mila 🌸✨

- Melissa