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There is nothing more important than the moments in which you forget about everything else, melting in the embrace of your one true love. You feel beautiful, desirable and joyous. We dedicate ourselves with all our hearts to capturing these feelings for you and showing your true emotions through our signature aesthetic. Let's go on this journey together!

It is not beauty that endears,
it’s love
that makes us see beauty.
– Leo Tolstoi

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Mila & Stephan

Great you are here! We are Mila and Stephan, a photographer couple from Germany. For photos of people in love, we gladly travel across Germany and Europe. Our inspirations are sincerity, fidelity, love – those things that one can only feel, not touch. In our photos, we combine the sensitivity and femininity of a fine art photography with a lively, dynamic, and emotional documentary style.
We would love to get in touch and to learn your personal lovestory!